Here at Teeprojects, we specialize in creating inspiring designs around different niches that people are passionate about and would be proud to wear a shirt  to stand out or make a statement. This company was started in late 2013 selling designs on third party website, in 2014 we decided to take our tee business to the next level by building this site to allow us the flexibility of building a proper brand and most importantly a community around our designs.

Most of our designs comes from proven quotes, prayers and sayings that is already proven to resonate with our target audience. These designs could be funny, trying to make a statement or even help to profile the individual to standout through identify with his or her tribe. Also, we get design ideas from our loyal customers as well, so it will be nice if you send us your coolest though for a tee design.

We want to say a big fat thank you to all our loyal customers who keep buying from us over and over again. There is no us without you, sincerely you did not only made our dream possible, you sustained the momentum of our dream to keep going.

Our pledge is to keep probing our creative minds to bring you the best designs and in turn we could make do with referrers from your friends and family. Simply put, have fun and spread the words about Teeprojects.